Olive Oil is the preferred cooking oil in most parts on the world. And why not, after all, it’s the healthiest cooking oil option available. Olive oil can be classified into different categories such as extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), virgin olive oil and pure olive oil. These are dependent on the variety of olives used, the purity etc. In this article, the ways to use extra virgin olive oil while cooking are discussed in detail.

The Right Temperature

The most important factor to remember while using extra virgin olive oil is the temperature. Do not overheat it. According to research, when overheated, it might burn. Hence, heating it gradually on a slow flame is the right thing to do. Also, the temperature when putting in food is important, else, the food might also burn. Overheating can also cause loss of necessary nutrients. Hence, keep it low. Ideally, 375F is the temperature you should not go beyond. Now, how do you know it is warm enough to start cooking. Well, toss a small piece of bread in the oil, once it starts getting brown, you know the oil is ready.

Using Extra Virgin Oil in Foods

It can be used also while baking. You can replace it with any other oil that you were going to use. It will not only make your baked foods healthier, but also tastier. Even in recipes that require butter, each cup of butter can be replaced with ¾ cup of EVOO. This will not only make your food softer and chewier, but they will also last longer. So, the next time you are baking sweet and salty loaf breads, pizzas, Italian breads and Pizza, use the EVOO and you will not be disappointed.

EVOO can also be used for frying foods like making French fries, fried rice, potatoes, eggs, almost anything and everything that you like fried. It will add extra flavor to your foods and this flavor will be a healthier one. Sautéing is the other option that EVOO can be used for. You might be cooking anything, plain rice, peas, Indian breads, vegetables, use it and you are sorted. Using EVOO on the top of your salads as a dressing is another great idea. You can use it raw. Just toss your salad in it and you have a more tasty salad that helps you keep your diet in control. However, when using it in your salads, make sure you mix it well and the salad is eaten not long after. As leaving the oil out in the open for long might cause unknown chemical reactions. This may, make the oil dangerous.

Use Sparingly

When using EVOO, remember that little is sufficient. Hence use as little as possible and it will be fine. You don’t need to pour too much of it in the pan as it fries or cooks the food earlier and better than other oils.

So what are you waiting for? Start cooking your food in extra virgin olive oil and get a healthier you.

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