Colavita Oil, essentially an extra virgin olive oil adds flavor, texture and taste to any type of food. In addition to it, the variant is equally healthy for consumption. In this article are discussed its various health benefits and the different ways Colavita oil can be used in.


It contains no trans fats whatsoever and hence, the worry of putting on weight goes right away. It instead contains the good fats, or that monounsaturated fats that help keeping the body healthy and you in shape. Colavita oil is the best option to substitute butter. It contains just 1.8 grams of saturated fats which are far from harmful. It helps in preventing breast cancer as it is a rich source of oleic acid. The credit of lowering the risk of heart diseases also goes to this oil due to the high levels of antioxidants. Along with those, it contains good cholesterol that is the HDL. What’s more, it also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 40%. Additionally it keeps one’s diabetes in control.

Vitamin Rich Oil

It contains vitamins A, K, E, magnesium, potassium and calcium. All of these together keep your bones strong, your joints flexible, and your skin shinier. It also makes your hair strong, shiny and long. In addition to these, people who use colavita oil in their meals are known to have a better mobility as they age, compared to people who choose otherwise.

The Shell

It forms a shell over the foods and hence, does not penetrate them. Thus, makes your food less oily. Using it next time, put the fried food in a paper towel and you shall see the difference.

Different Ways to Use it

Let’s look at the different ways you can use this healthy option. Starting with breakfast, you can use it for scrambled eggs, fried eggs, pancakes, waffles, bacons, almost everything under the sun. For those who are on a diet and are preferring salads, well, toss your salad in it, add cracked pepper, and you have a more tasty and healthy salad. Coming to lunch, well, fry vegetables in it, use it on pizza bread, Italian bread, sweet and sour bread loafs. Fry your chicken, your meat, your egg and your beef in it. You can use it to grill, stir fry and even roast. In short, it can be used for cooking almost anything. It is used commonly in most Mediterranean and Italian households as an alternative. Also, many Asian countries have it predominant in their kitchens.

Things to Remember

While using colavita oil, a few things should be remembered. The smoke point is 405C and hence, do not heat it over this point. Once overheated, you need to start afresh and throw the old one as it might have developed toxins by then. Second factor is, use a little. It is light, and hence it doesn’t take much of it to fry or cook. Also, it spreads well and cooks food better.

So the next time you are grocery shopping, pick the bottle of colavita oil and give yourself and your family a healthy treat!!!

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