Olive Oil Soap Benefits for Skin

Olive oil is a natural skin neutralizer to keep you young and radiant. It is being used in all skin care products and mainly in soaps. Olive oil soaps contain properties to heal and renew skin. Olive oil soaps are used as beauty products, skin care essentials and valued for its medicinal properties. Healing skin abrasions and preventing from skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis are the key olive oil soap benefits for skin.

Soaps made of olive oil lather less and they are hard bars that last longer. Olive oil soaps contain fewer chemical. They are often combined with natural skin care essentials like animal fat, coconut oil and palm oil.

Skin Cell Repair with Anti-Oxidants

Olive oil soaps made of extra-virgin olive oil are rich in anti-oxidants. This property slows down the oxidation process of skin molecules to keep it soft and secured. Antioxidant rich olive oil soaps can quickly repair skin cell damages thus your skin looks fresh and it is protected from deep within.

Anti-Inflammation and Healing Properties

Skin inflammations and burning caused due to abrasions can be cured when you regularly use olive oil soap. Dryness and UV radiation develops skin inflammation, heat pores and skin burning.Using olive oil soaps can considerably reduce such a painful condition. It also heals skin diseases like itchiness, bacterial infestation and sore skin. The other skin benefits of olive oil soaps include:

  • Reducing scars and dark patches on skin
  • A quick makeup removal product
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Reduces and heals rashes on skin

Excellent Moisturizer

Olive oil soap is a natural skin conditioner that locks moisture in skin for longer time. It also contains protein and is rich in minerals and vitamins. This property helps to replace elasticity of the skin.  When skin moisture is retained, skin gets free from dryness and scaly appearance.

Safer than Conventional Soaps

Normally, using soap for face is not recommended but olive oil soap is an exception. It is mild and contains very less glycerin. Other artificial fragrance creating properties that are harsh on facial skin is not present in these soaps. Since the soaps don’t clog facial pores, hence acne is prevented.

The pH level present in olive oil soaps is lesser than the pH in regular soaps. Hence, it is the most recommended facial skin care product. Moreover, crow’s feet that are common appearance on face after people reach their 30’s can be treated by using olive oil soap for face.

Prevention against Skin Cancer

The soaps made from extra virgin olive oil can actually prevent skin cancer. The soap is rich in antioxidants which can counter UV radiations. This explains the reason why the rate of skin cancer is extremely low in countries around the Mediterranean.

Prevents Pink-Cheek in Winters

Winter makes your skin look dull and dry. Olive oil soaps prevent the pink-cheek syndrome which is a common problem during winters. It is absorbed by your skin cells quickly. It reaches the inner dermis layer of your skin to keep it healthy.

Other notable olive oil soap benefits include treating stretch marks and less pigmentation. It is also recommended to use olive oil soap for skin exfoliation to wash away dead skin cells.

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