Olive oil and olive leaves are used in skin treatments ever since ancient epoch. Olive oil skin treatment proves to be effective on a wide range of skin problems. This oil is used as medicinal oil for its skin diseases healing properties. Olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids, unsaturated fats, lipids and anti-oxidants. These properties can keep your skin disease-free, young, smooth and glossy.

Delay Ageing With Olive Oil

Ancient Greek and Roman women followed olive oil skin treatment to get rid of ageing. The anti-oxidant rich olive oil reduces wrinkles and dry skin from the body. This let them look younger for a longer span of time.

The anti oxidants actually help skin to regenerate and renew itself. This way old skin cells can be replaced with newer ones promptly and efficiently. When the skin cells are renewed, the skin looks really youthful.

Olive Oil Bathing Traditions

Olive oil bathing was a tradition among the Greeks. They used to bathe new born babies with virgin olive oil. They believed this removes impurities from the baby’s skin. The tender skin of babies stayed away from skin inflammation and soreness due to this practise.

Even new mothers were suggested to follow olive oil skin treatment through bathing. This helped them to regain the lost dullness from their skin due to pregnancy. The post-pregnancy stretch marks and scars were reduced with this practice. Even Turkish baths made use of olive oil massage at the earlier stages. They believed this kept people’s skin less prone to skin diseases and stress.

A Morning Beverage for Farmers

Earlier the farmers who worked in olive farms of the Spain and the Mediterranean region drank olive oil. They used to drink one bottle of olive oil everyday as a morning beverage. This habit is a segment of everyday olive oil skin treatment. The farmers followed this tradition to get rid of sun burns, sore stomach and dark spots on skin due to excessive sun exposure. Mostly they preferred virgin olive oil for this purpose.

Mouth Swishing

Mouth swishing with olive oil is an ancient practice in many cultures and traditions. Swishing mouth with olive oil is otherwise known as oil pulling. This relieves people from bad odour and it also kept the skin pores open. Swishing increases the skin elasticity thus skin aging can be reduced considerably.

Olive oil has been used in skin care products even since early years of civilization. Olive oil has a lot of skin healing properties. It relieves you from diseases like psoriasis, eczema, pigmentation and skin discoloration. Olive oil was also used as beauty home made packs by women at the early ages to keep their skin away from acne problems.

Olive oil can also be used as a medicine for treating skin problems. They get absorbed by skin cells quickly. The oil reaches the inner layers of dermis to assist in healing problems rapidly. The oil used to be combined with sea salt to exfoliate dead skin cells.

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