A lot is being said and written about the beauty benefits of olive oil. Designated as the gift from gods and heaven, this oil has also proved its worth as a health remedy for skin. Olive oil has a tendency to prevent and heal day-to-day skin problems as well as long-term skin issues.

Rich in nutrients like vitamins and beta-carotenes, it is also known for various other properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, immunity booster, anti-bacterial and anti-aging. In fact, olive oil is a blessing for healthy skin. Find out some of the most common skin ailments and concerns that you can easily address using olive oil at home.

Skin Cancer Prevention

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants that are helpful in eradicating skin-damaging free radicals. A number of research news have tried to establish the fact that this property of olive oil makes it capable of preventing skin cancer, especially malignant melanoma, the most critical form of this condition.

Applying this oil on the skin after bathing can inhibit the growth of tumors. It also forms a shield against sun’s harmful UV radiations that are known to trigger free radicals.

Acne Reduction and Treatment

There are more than few ways in which olive oil can heal the acne symptoms. For example, the mono saturated fats present in olive oil can readily absorb the oil produced by skin which helps in keeping the skin pores unplugged. Furthermore, it keeps the skin hydrated, which is another advantage against the development of acne.

Acne scars can also be lightened or completely removed with the application of olive oil. You can apply extra virgin olive oil directly over the affected skin or use over-the-counter products that contain olive oil.

Dry Scalp and Dandruff

Hair loss is a common issue that can be caused due to unhealthy scalp and dandruff. A dry, itchy and flaky scalp can be extremely annoying. Olive oil, due to the presence of natural moisturizers such as vitamin E, can be a good remedy for this skin problem.

One way is to apply warm extra virgin olive oil on the scalp. You may also mix it with honey or vinegar to prepare a wonderful anti-dandruff remedy. An overnight olive oil soak can also be tried to get rid of these problems.

Treating Sunburn

Accidental or long-term exposure to sun can be extremely skin-damaging. In the case of sunburn, you can use olive oil to inhibit any further damage. The polyphenols present in this oil can moisturize the skin and control the increased activities of free radicals.

Apply this oil over the affected area gently and massage until the skin becomes fully moisturized. Wash off the area after a couple of hours. You can also prevent sunburn by using sunscreen cosmetics that contain this oil.

Dry Skin and Routine Issues

Olive oil offers excellent protection against dry skin and the harmful effects associated with it. It can keep the skin moisturized for long and hence maintains its health and vitality. You can use it to treat dry skin of hands, feet, elbows, knees, shoulders and other body parts. In fact, olive oil can also help in keeping the lip skin soft, smooth, and supple. You can help to achieve healthy skin with olive oil.

Additionally, olive oil can be useful for:

  • Maintaining skin elasticity to prevent stretch marks and sagginess
  • Healing sports injuries
  • Treating wounds, cuts and burns
  • Lightening different types of scars
  • Treating baby’s diaper rash

Olive oil can also be a part of your regular diet to improve the skin health internally. Before you use this oil for any of the purposes mentioned above, make sure to consult a skin specialist in the regard.



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