To start with olive oil is in reality a fruit juice derived from mashed olives. This automatically makes it a healthy option. Here is a list of the health benefits of using olive oil in your food.

Good Fat

Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat that gets the body rid of the bad cholesterol. It increases the good cholesterol that protects the heart from any cardiovascular diseases. Ever heard of good fats and bad fats? Yes, Olive oil is a good fat. It contains essential fatty acids that are required by the body to keep the joints and bones healthy and strong. Hence, frying with Olive oil equals to frying healthier. Not all fried foods are bad after all.

Retains the Original Texture of Food

Research shows that if the Olive oil is not overheated during frying, its chemical composition remains the same. This keeps it healthy and helps the essential nutrients reach the body. Also, the amounts of toxins are reduced as it does not start breaking down unless reached a certain temperature. Olive oil also forms a shield around the food. Therefore, the food is not penetrated with oil keeping its original texture and taste intact.

Required in Lesser Quantity

Olive oil is one of the few oils which are required in very less quantity to fry or cook food. Therefore, the food is automatically less oily, hence making it healthier. In fact, when you keep foods fried in olive oil on a tissue paper, there will be hardly any oil to soak. Hence, that’s kind of cost saving also.

Rich in Vitamins 

Olive oil contains Vitamin A and K, magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium, along with a great quantity of amino acids. This makes frying with olive oil beneficial to bones, eyes, skin, immune function and cell health. Not only these, but olive oil also contains Vitamin E, which is also supposed to minimize the risk of cancer. This will make you stronger, healthier and of course, more beautiful.

Medicinal Usage

Olive oil has been used as a medicine for various things like muscle aches, hangovers and depression. It is also used as a sedative, laxative and an aphrodisiac. Hence, frying with olive oil can add to your food the goodness that will keep you happier and healthier.

Chemical- Free Oil

The Virgin Olive oil contains no chemicals whatsoever hence keeping your foods away from any danger of toxins. This in turn increases the health as the original oil right from the olive is used making it 100% natural.

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

It is well known that a low fat diet is recommended for avoiding diabetes. It is also well known that most people who get diabetes are fond of fried foods. The chances of diabetes are cut down to a great extent if the food is fried in olive oil. Hence, making it a personal favorite for fried food addicts.

So next time in the market, make sure you pick up the olive oil bottle and start using it for a healthier you!!!

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