Olive oil can be revered for its health benefits and unique taste. It is added in all types of cuisine to make the food rich in nutrients. It contains anti-oxidants and good cholesterols that keep you fit and strong. However, there are countless brands of olive oils available in market today. To choose the best olive oil for cooking you need to know few epitome selection processes.


Different Types and Uses

First, learn about ways to choose best olive oil for cooking. To do this, you should know about different types of olive oils available. In all grocery stores you can normally find four types of olive oil. They are:

  1. Regular Olive Oil – This is widely available everywhere and is an inexpensive variant too. It  is a blended olive oil and is not so good in quality. Can be used in your salads and soups.
  2. Virgin Olive Oil –This is not a refined variant like a regular olive oil. The acidic content of this oil is much above the refined ones. This cannot be consumed in copious amount as it is thick. For steam, bake and to grill food use virgin olive oil.
  3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil –This type contains more acidic content than any olive oil type. It shouldn’t be consumed in amounts more than 2 spoonfuls a day. This oil is really expensive as it is a pure oil extract from olive fruits.
  4. Olive Pomace Oil–This is the most inexpensive olive oil type as it is highly refined and pressed. If you do not like to have strong tastes of olive oil in your food use this oil. A good choice for beginners to get used to the taste of olive oil.

In summary, the more refined your olive oil is, the more inexpensive it is. It all depends on the quantity you use in your food, and the quality of olive oil you wish to consume.


Tips to Buy the Best Olive Oil For Cooking

For every type of cooking, each olive oil type can be used. They hugely vary in taste, smell and nutrition content. Here is a set of quick tips to choose best olive oil for cooking:

  • Avoid promace olive oil for cooking. It is more of a cleaning agent than cooking oil.
  • Buy olive oil based on its quality and not its colour.
  • The thinner the oil is, the more refined it is.
  • Darker olive oil is highly prone to rancidity
  • There are sweet, grassy and nutty olive oil types. Choose the best one that goes with your dish. For example use sweet olive oil for salads and a nutty one to toast bread.
  • The country of origin does not always matter to choose an oil type. Just look for its MUFA and PUFA content to judge its healthiness.
  • When you cook, avoid exposure of oil to direct flame. This process splits its good cholesterols.

Making a good investment on olive oil will benefit your family a lot. So never think twice about paying more to buy a good olive oil.

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