Home-Based Uses of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Skin Care

Virgin olive oil is a direct oil extract from olive fruit. Natural and anti-oxidant rich extra virgin olive oil for skin care is highly regarded.It is used as a base for a majority of skin care products. Also makes the products thick, creamy and luscious. This natural oil rejuvenates and hydrates almost all skin types. They can be used in home-based face masks, soaps, moisturizers, lotions, and scrubs to gain radiant and younger skin.

Top-to-Toe Skin Care

Extra virgin olive oil can be used in top-to-toe skin care. Starting from scalp to your feet, it protects and cares for your skin. Virgin olive oil for skin care is used for its beneficial properties like:


  • Anti-inflammatory agents –Reduces skin inflammation, redness and skin burns.
  • Anti-oxidants – Skin regeneration, radical damage and cell renewal.
  • Vitamin E and A – Nourishes skin cells from within.
  • Mono-unsaturated fats – Keeps skin soft and supple with adequate moisture.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids– A skin essential agent to keep skin young and hydrated.

Virgin Olive Oil for Healthy Scalp

The skin on your scalp is very sensitive. It tends to get dry quicker. Use a hair mask by mixing extra virgin olive oil with coconut milk. Apply this mixture to your scalp and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse off this hair mask using luke warm water. The olive oil with coconut milk hydrates your scalp. It relieves you from dandruff problems too.

A Good Cleanser and Ideal for Blackhead Removal

Do blackheads make your face look so unpleasant? You can quickly make a home-made scrub using sugar and olive oil to remove them. Mix sugar in extra virgin olive oil to make a gentle scrub. Use finger tips to scrub this mix on the t-zone and black head prone zone of your face. Repeat scrubbing twice every day to get rid of black heads permanently.

Darkened Skin Around Neck and T-Line

Darkened skin around neck and T-line is most common in women. Take equal amount of olive oil, castor oil and vinegar. Make a gentle paste and add little sea salt to it. Now apply it in areas with dark skin. This mixture reduces skin darkening in areas with maximum skin scrape. It gives you an evenly toned skin.

Medicinal Uses

There are a lot of medicinal benefits you can enjoy if you use extra virgin olive for skin care.They are rich in oleic acids, polyphenols, palmitic acids and linoleic acid. Few notable ones are:

  • It can be applied on rashes to heal them.
  • Sun tan and sun burns reduce when extra virgin olive oil is applied on skin.
  • Using this oil regularly on skin after waxing reduces skin reddishness and darkening.
  • Use this oil on hands and palms and soak your hands in warm water for few minutes. It reduces wrinkles and roughness of skin.
  • The same procedure can be used to soothe cracks on feet too.

However, the quantity of extra virgin olive oil you use for skin care matters a lot. The more you use this oil, the more it makes you glow. It is because it is considered as the ‘liquid gold’ for skin care.

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