Olive oil is ideal in your everyday diet for a healthy lifestyle. This oil is considered as liquid gold for its nutrient-rich properties. Inclusion of this oil is a must in your food to keep your overall system healthy. If you are following weight control diet then olive oil is essential in addition to your salads and other weight loss staples. Both extra virgin olive oil and refined oil can be used in fat-free cooking.

Quick Useful Tips

If you are in search of ideas for low fat cooking with olive oil, here are some handy tips:

  • Use in Salads – Firstly, use olive oil in vegetable salads with boiled vegetables. This retains all essential MUFA and PUFA in the food you eat.
  • Avoid Bad Combinations –While following low fat cooking with olive oil, make sure you do not combine it with unhealthy consumables like butter, peanut butter, cheese (both processed and unprocessed), coconut oil and other high-cholesterol food fall under this list.
  • Skip Fried Food –It is a biggest mistake to fry olive oil. Avoid use of olive oil if you stir fry food. This transforms its good fat to extremely bad ones.
  • Baking –If you use olive oil to bake food do not over heat them. Gently warm the oil and then continue to cook. This again prevents MUFA from turning into bad cholesterol.
  • Soups –Recommended way to use olive oil in low fat cooking is to use them in soups. Make vegetable soups and add olive oil. Such soups actually reduce your appetite to eat more food. This way you can eat less and stay healthy.
  • Steam Food –You wish to eat some red meat but are worried about high cholesterol level in it. Better steam the food and add olive oil. This keeps the cholesterol under control.

Add an extra pinch of salt to your food made of olive oil to make it more tasty.

Where All Can you Use Olive Oil for Low fat Cooking

Ideally, soups and salads are best for low fat cooking with olive oil. But you can also use them to:

  1. Prepare marinade for fish and meat
  2. Prepare sushi and pasta
  3. Prepare appetizers. In appetizers add olive oil instead of butter for low fat meal preparation.
  4. You can even toast food with olive oil. Wheat bread toast with olive oil is ever tasty and ever healthy.
  5. Prepare garlic sauce with olive oil to offer excellent flavor to your food.
  6. Prepare sandwiches to make them tastier. Olive oil can be used instead of butter and cheese in sandwiches.

When you include olive oil to your food, it reduces about 25% of its overall fat. However, avoid this oil in processed and canned foods.

Intake of olive oil is good for your entire body organs. It keeps your heart healthy and prevents you from heart diseases. It keeps blood sugar under control thus prevents diabetics. It strengthens you immune system and kills cancerous cells. Olive oil also keeps your skin moisture filled and really lustrous.

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