Olive oil is a staple ingredient in Mediterranean diet. You can either prefer a light or dark colored olive oil use for cooking. It can also be mild to very strong. Irrespective of the oil consistency, it is a healthy consumable. Normally when you add oil it increases fat content in your food. Whereas olive oil reduces the overall fat content in a food to about 25%. It facilitates your body cells to quickly absorb nutrients from the food you eat. Hence you gain maximum health benefits out of what you eat.

Choose a Good Olive Oil 

There are different types of olive oils available in the market today. Different variants from highly refined ones to absolutely pure olive oils or its direct extract are available. Consider buying the ones that are not refined to the core. Choose virgin olive oil (not extra virgin olive oil) for your daily cooking.

If you are new to olive oil foods, then start with the ones with mild flavor and salty taste. Once you have are comfortable with olive oil use for cooking, you can then switch over to the ones with strong flavor and taste.

Organic and a Healthy Diet

With olive oil use for cooking instead of regular cooking oil your diet gets healthier than usual. They nourish you from your hair till your toes. The health benefits of olive oil include:

  1. Tangle free, glossy and healthy hair
  2. Oil-free and dandruff-free scalp
  3. Clearer vision
  4. Improved skin tone and skin smoothness
  5. Non-filmy nails
  6. No rough and discolored knees and toes.
  7. Healthy heart
  8. Blood sugar level under control
  9. Increase in WBC content in your body
  10. Steady bowel movement
  11. Build-up of healthy fat
  12. Prevention against cancer causing cells and genes
  13. Relief from snoring
  14. A great cure from ear ache
  15. Scars-free and stretch marks free body

Just two spoons of olive oil can keep your overall system in stable and really good condition.

Olive oil used for cooking proves to be a successful method for all cooking styles. You may want to braise, grill, bake, fry, marinate, poach and steam food, just add this oil to make it healthy and tasty. This is one of the first organic food ingredients certified by all studies for a healthy lifestyle.

Know When to Skip

Though olive oil is a secret to cooking healthier know when to avoid them. This way you can make optimum use of this wonderful natural resource. While cooking under high heat avoid olive oil. They are not good when exposed to excessive heat. Also skip this oil for a deep fry of food.When you use butter in your food then do not mix it with olive oil. This combination increases amount of bad HDL in your body.

When you cook for smaller children, skip the usage of extra virgin olive oil. They have a strong odor and taste that kids may hate. Sweet olive oil is a healthy option only when not consumed every day. Same way extra virgin olive oil should be restricted to less than three times a day. At times canola oil is much lighter and good to eat.

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