Right from the times of ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans, olive oil has been in use for numerous purposes. Obtained from the fruit of olive, this oil can address a number of issues one might experience on frequent basis. No wonder that it is finding extended usage in diets, food preparations, cosmetics as well as medications.

Many olive oil remedies can be prepared using olive oil alone or with other ingredients. Let’s find out why a bottle of olive oil deserves to find a place in your health aid box.

A Bad Toothache

Olive oil mixed with clove oil can instantly reduce the irritating tooth pain. Another popular remedy is to prepare a tincture paste using olive oil, clove oil, charcoal and golden seal. Apply the thick paste around the aching tooth and wash your mouth after few minutes.

You may also swish few drops of this oil across your mouth and spit it out after 5 minutes. Each of these methods can enforce the pain sensation to diminish fairly.

Frustrating Earache

Because of its lubricating properties, olive oil is counted among the top remedies for quick earache relief. You can directly put 3-4 drops of warm olive oil in the ear canal or use a small cotton ball to apply it. It will instantly kill the ear infection and soothe the pain.

Buzzing sensations in the ear can also be stopped using the same procedure. For even better relief, crush some garlic cloves in the warm olive drops and apply the same after it cools down.


Difficult and infrequent bowel movements are annoying for many. Olive oil is known to be safe and effective in treating the condition. The best way is to take a teaspoon of this oil, along with lemon or orange juice, early morning. The remedy works even better if you take it empty stomach.

The oil can also be included in the diet of the person suffering from constipation. The easiest way would be to sprinkle few drops of this oil on fruits and salads.

External Hemorrhoids

Those suffering from hemorrhoids can attain fair and quick relief from discomfort and swelling using olive oil. Apply few drops of oil on the affected area before and after evacuation. It can also reduce the itching sensation.

Make sure you apply the oil gently. Also, the remedy is not recommended for internal hemorrhoids.


Swollen gums can distract one’s normal day-to-day functioning. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, olive oil can be used to alleviate the symptoms of gingivitis. Take a spoon of olive oil and swish it in the mouth for 5-6 minutes and then spit it out.

You can also rub the oil on the affected gums in a gentle way. Make sure that you don’t swallow the oil and wash your mouth properly after few minutes.


If you are a teenager or a young adult, you might be upset with the undesirable occurrence of acne pimples on your face. Surprisingly, olive oil can be useful in dealing with the issue as well. Apply olive oil on the affected skin in circular motion and cleaning the skin with warm water can bring out good results. Learn the exact procedure to use olive oil for acne.

Insect Bites

Insect bites can be painful initially and they might turn into scars later on. Each of the two conditions can be prevented using olive oil. Mix some drops of this oil with vinegar to apply on the bite twice a day. Itching as well as swelling can be reduced in this way.

You can also apply olive oil once a day to lighten the scar. It is also possible to prepare a natural mosquito repellant with olive oil as one of the ingredients.

Olive oil can help you avoid unnecessary visits to doctor in case you face above-mentioned problems. However, you must use only good quality olive oil to achieve the benefits and to avoid the bad effects.

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