The early roots of olive oil sprout out in the Mediterranean region 6000 years ago. Modern Syria is named as the first country to crop olives in the ancient ages. Ever since its inception, the goodness of olive oil nutrition were identified and gratified by people. For thousands of years it is being used as the staple oil in Mediterranean diet. It is regarded as the healthiest natural source of fat on the earth.

Olive Oil in Ancient Traditions

In the older days, olive oil was not just used as a consumable. It is revered as a great natural source for healthy skin and hair. The earliest civilizations to use olive oil were the Persians, Greeks, Romans and Italians. This oil was introduced to the Portuguese, the English and the other western world only by the Italians. The anti-oxidants rich olive oil was traded widely across the world.

Olive Oil to Bathe Babies

They are considered as the best medicine to delay ageing. In ancient Persia, olive oil was used to bathe new born babies. They believed this cleanses the baby’s skin and it also offers essential nutrients to their skin. The tender skin of a baby tends to absorb this oil quickly. This tradition was followed for thousands of years in Persia.

Olive oil was also used in ancient spa treatments to keep skin healthy and glossy.

Olive Oil in Olympics

Olive oil nutrition was considered a gift from the God by the Greeks. It was used in ancient Olympics games to strengthen the athletes. Every day the athletes were given shots of olive oil. They believed that this makes them healthy. The heart-friendly MUFAs present in olive oil kept their heart healthy. It also offered them instant energy to remain active.

Olive oil was applied on the atheletes’ body to relieve them from pain. The skin quickly absorbed olive oil nutrition and kept their skin hydrated. It also increased skin elasticity in them.

Olive for Hair

Olive oil nutrition for hair was considered an ideal one for healthy hair. The goodness of usage of olive oil was mentioned in many religious notes including the Quran. Prophet Muhammad recommended usage of olive oil for skin and hair. He used to apply olive oil for hair says Islamic notes. Bible also stresses the usage of olive oil for a healthy hair and body. The hair essential olive oil nutrients like Vitamin A and E keeps your hair glossy. It restores hair cuticle damage caused due to UV damages.

Mediterranean Diet

For ages olive oil is used in the Mediterranean cuisines. It is believed to keep heart healthy with its oleic acid content. Olive oil with its good cholesterol relieved people from heart diseases. The olive oil nutrition let them live long with a healthy cardiac system.

Apart from its uses as a food item, a health care ingredient, a medicine and a beauty care product. Olive oil was also highly regarded as a precious gift. In ancient Rome and Persia, olive oil was gifted and valued high for their bountiful nutrition content.

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