The benefits of olive oil are truly innumerable. Studies have shown that it can help to heal wounds,  promote weigh loss and prevent a host of illnesses, including cancer, heart disease,  Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes. And surprisingly, olive oil has many different uses when it comes to skincare. In particular, olive oil works incredibly well as a moisturizer.

Why is olive oil such an effective moisturizer? The answer is simple: olive oil contains linoleic acid. Linoleic acid prevents the evaporation of water from the skin, helping skin to stay hydrated and moisturized. However, the human body does not produce linoleic acid. It needs to be applied topically or consumed in foods.

Recent scientific research confirms the incredible moisturizing powers of linoleic acid and the power of olive oil moisturizers. For more information about the chemical makeup of linoleic acid and the role it plays in skin hydration, check out this link:

Soften Cuticles

Dry, peeling cuticles are not just unsightly. They are often quite painful and can even become infected. An olive oil soak is an easy way to moisturize cuticles and prevent dryness and cracking. For this olive oil moisturizer treatment all you need is a small tray filled with olive oil. Soak your fingers in the oil for about ten to fifteen minutes and then pat them dry.

Heal Dry Skin 

If you are prone to dry skin, a daily olive oil moisturizer treatment is a good idea, especially in the winter. After you get out of the shower, rub a few tablespoons of olive oil into a washcloth. Massage your body with the washcloth, letting the olive oil seep into your skin. Olive oil is an especially effective moisturizer for hard to heal patches of dry skin on the feet and elbows.

Protect Skin From Razor Damage

Olive oil is an excellent substitute for shaving cream. It helps the razor to glide over your skin, preventing razor burn. Shaving is also notoriously dehydrating for your skin and olive oil works to replenish this lost moisture.

Get Rid Of Dandruff 

Dandruff is essentially the scalp shedding dead skin cells. Though not medically serious, it is an unsightly problem. It commonly causes white flakes in the hair and oftentimes on the shoulders. It is frequently accompanied by irritation and redness. Nobody knows what exactly causes dandruff. Some research suggests it may be linked to the overproduction of yeast on the scalp.

An olive oil moisturizer treatment works to moisturize the areas of your scalp that are dry and flaking. This helps pieces of skin to shed in larger pieces. These larger pieces are much easier to remove compared to troublesome, smaller flakes. You can easily get rid of dandruff by massaging a few drops of oil into your scalp. Let the oil sit for a few hours and then rinse it out.

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