Olive oil is miracle oil for hair growth. Ever since ancient epoch this oil is used for enriching hair and making it more nutritious. Ancient Greek and Roman women used this oil for hair growth. It is considered equally good for hair nourishment. Olive oil is revered as a natural remedy for chronic hair loss and baldness.

Olive Oil Hair Growth Benefits

In early civilizations, the olive oil was considered an important natural medicine to boost hair growth. Women used olive oil daily to make their hair soft and voluminous. Homer, a famous Greek poet described this oil as liquid gold. This oil is a powerhouse of all essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients our hair needs to stay healthy.

Women with long hair were considered really beautiful in older days. Hence to get long hair, women used olive oil hair growth daily. They even consumed olive oil as a part of their diet knowing its benefits for healthy hair.

The Lipids of Olive Oil

The good cholesterol present in olive oil is ideal for hair growth and re growth. Olive oil is rich in hair-friendly lipids. These lipids are nothing but good fat. They cannot be dissolved in water. But they can be dissolved in heat. Hence olive oil while applying for hair shouldn’t be heated. Few of the hair essential lipids found in olive oil include:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
  • MUFAs
  • PUFAs
  • Waxes
  • Linoleic, Palmitic, Oleic and other key fatty acids for hair and
  • Glycerides

How Effective is Olive Oil?

The key secret why ancient women had beautiful long hair is their regular use of olive oil. Modern women use coconut oil and chemical serums to make hair tangle-free and supple. This in return strips hair off its natural nutrients and cause hair fall. When the hair fall is chronic, it causes permanent to temporary baldness. Actually, ancient women used olive oil to make hair tangle-free, less frizzy and supple. This method of using olive oil hair growth protects hair cuticles from damages.

The fatty acids from olive oil create an external outer shield around hair cuticles to make them stronger. When hair cuticles are strong, they avoid hair loss due to environmental exposure.  This further prevents hair breakage, hair fall and delayed hair growth. This way, woman can have long and healthy hair with olive oil.

Olive Oil in Ancient Hair Care Products

Almost all ancient hair care products were made of olive oils. There are records of preserved olive oil used for hair growth in both men and women. Men with early baldness were cured by drinking bottles of olive oil in the morning.

You can use both extra virgin and virgin olive oils in hair care. The thicker the oil is, the more their benefits can be enjoyed. Extra virgin olive oil can be little expensive but invest in them for a healthy hair. Always avoid using olive oil with lesser quality like refined and hard-pressed ones for hair. They are more of a wood polishing agent than a beauty essential.

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