Using Olive Oil for Acne Cleanse

Acne is a common problem that may extend beyond adolescence. Olive oil for acne treatment has been found as one of the most effective treatments. The presence of carotenoids, mono saturated fats, antioxidants and several useful vitamins in this oil are the secret to its acne fighting abilities. These ingredients not only cleanse but also open up the pores on the skin and hydrate it thoroughly.

Understanding Acne

This condition is caused by the blockage of the tiny hair follicles by sebum or dead skin cells. The blockage leads to subsequent infections at that place. This is visible as acne pimples. The condition has physical as well as psychological implications that need urgent attention.

Why Olive Oil is Effective against Acne

This wonder oil has abundance of Vitamin K, Vitamin D and Vitamin E that fight free radicals which cause infections.  It also has beta carotenes which are is converted into Vitamin A in the human body. The Vitamin A penetrates deep into the skin creating a hydrating layer that protects the epidermis. There are mono saturated fats. These play an important role in reducing the oil content on the surface of the skin. Removal of oil from helps to unclog the surface pores. The skin is thus able to breathe reducing chances of sebum accumulation that can lead to infections.

Using Olive Oil for Acne Scrub

This is a simple and easy process that gives remarkable results. Being easily available at almost all household Olive Oil is a preferred application against acne. Here are 5 steps of an acne scrub for a thorough cleanse.

Step 1:  Take one tablespoon of the oil on the palm. The quantity can be varied as per requirements.

Step 2: The oil is warmed up gently by the use of fingers. Rubbing the oil in circular motion till it is mildly warm is essential before application.

Step 3: With the finger tips the oil is massaged over the affected areas of the face and other parts. Ensure that the oil is massaged well.

Step 4: Now a clean cloth is moisturized in warm water and the cloth is place over the affected area. This helps the steam from the cloth penetrate deep into the pores. It helps remove the blockage causing sebum in the follicles.

Step 5: After sufficient time the wet cloth is removed. Another clean cloth made wet by a similar method is used to remove the oil from the skin. Once the oil is removed the affected areas can be washed with cold water for complete cleansing.

However it must noted that use of olive oil massage more than once during a day may lead to excessive dryness of the skin. Application of a proven moisturizer may help the condition. Use of other chemical face wash along with this natural product must be avoided.

Regular use of olive oil for acne cleanse will start showing results within a week. This proven method is adopted by millions across the globe for an effective cleanse that keeps acne at bay.

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