Natural Hair Conditioning with Olive Oil

If you ever flip your conditioner bottle and take a look at the ingredients used, you will actually stumble upon 18- letter ingredients. This means that your scalp has transformed into a chemical dump that you pile on to each time you wash your hair. Risking permanent damage for hair that looks silky and tangle free for a few days after washing does some quite unreasonable.

How about choosing an alternate natural hair conditioning option? Something that will keep your hair moisturized and manageable by enhancing the natural oils of your hair should work just fine. If it can also stimulate hair growth and keep hair strong form the roots, it would be almost miraculous. If you have been compromising on one hair care benefit for another, then you have still not used olive oil as a hair conditioner.

Recommended for centuries, this is a product that served the royals to keep them looking ravishingly beautiful. Now, when it is no longer a luxury but a simple household product stocked in the kitchen closet, why not make the most of it?

Using Olive Oil as a Natural Hair Conditioning

Natural hair conditioning with olive oil is very simple and hassle free.  You can make a simple hair mask that is easy and really affordable.

Start with a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Make sure it is of premium quality and free from impurities. Some stores also sell olive oil especially for the hair.

To this bottle of olive oil, add a sprig or rosemary or lavender and leave it for a few days. These herbs make the olive oil smell pleasant and also release natural components that aid hair growth and texture. They also relax the scalp completely giving you the benefit of a day at the spa in the comfort of your home.

When the herbs have soaked well in the olive oil, take a tea spoon of it in a mixing bowl and add some honey to it. Honey reduces the runny texture of olive oil making it easier to apply.  Add the honey in and keep stirring until the mixture reaches a consistency that is not too runny, yet not too sticky. Honey also acts as a hydrating agent making hair smooth and shiny.

Dampen your hair slightly. Massage this natural hair conditioning mixture into your scalp and also along the length of your hair. Make sure that the hair is completely soaked in this oil. Now cover the hair with a shower cap and let it soak for about an hour.

This allows all the heat released by this mask to circulate along the hair making it easier to soak in all the nutrients.

After soaking, rinse your hair with lukewarm water and use a mild shampoo to wash the mixture off. It is essential to use lukewarm water as water that is too hot will wash away the nutrients added by the honey and olive oil mixture.

You will notice a difference right from the first wash. Repeat this mask regularly and you will have hair that shines with all its strength and looks the way you always wanted it to.

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