Hair Re-growth with Olive Oil

If baldness or severe hair fall is making your confidence levels drop by the minute, then natural hair growth using olive oil is the best solution for you.  Although there are various types of hair growth products flooding the markets today, a natural remedy is recommended as it is safe and not at all damaging to your hair and scalp.

How does Olive Oil aid Hair Re-growth?

The fatty acids and the essential oils in olive oil are very similar in nature and structure to the oils that our hair produces naturally. Therefore, olive oil enhances the production of sebum in our skin glands and helps keep the scalp moist.

In addition to that this oil is very high in protein which makes it very effective in helping the hair grow and eventually cure baldness. If your scalp is dry and under nourished, hair becomes very unhealthy leading to breakage and excessive hair fall. Olive oil naturally controls both conditions making hair stronger from the roots and helping it grow faster.

How to Use Olive Oil for Hair Re-growth? 

The best way to get maximum results from olive oil is to use it on the scalp directly. Massage the oil onto the scalp gently, covering the entire area. This helps stimulate the blood vessels under the scalp and widens them to increase blood supply. With this increase in blood supply, nutrition is absorbed fast and the hair roots become active and strong.

There are also many lifestyle habits that make your hair undernourished. This includes smoking and consumption of beverages excessively. Changing these lifestyle habits will help hair growth and speed up the process.

In order to get best benefits, it is advised to use olive oil that is slightly warm. This allows the oil to stimulate the follicles instantly and hence, absorb all the nutrients provided to the scalp, When you are using warm oil, make sure that you do not over heat it. Applying oil that is too hat can damage the hair cells as our scalp is actually very sensitive.

Who Should Opt for Olive Oil as a Natural Hair Re-growth Remedy?

If you are in the initial years of hair-loss, then olive oil is effective as a natural hair re-growth remedy. However, if your hair loss or baldness is very severe, you must team up this remedy with a recommended hair treatment. Consult a trichologist to help you understand your hair loss or baldness pattern. In these cases, olive oil can be used as a secondary treatment to enhance the effect of the recommended treatment.

Natural Hair Re-growth is a very effective option as it ensures that there will not be any further damage to the hair or scalp. In order to avoid any severe hair condition, it is a good option to begin natural remedies even before you notice any damage or hair loss. Using natural substances ensures strength in the hair and ensures natural textures.

Remember that our body has been designed to repair and heal itself.  It is our poor lifestyle choices that reduce this ability. Before you notice problems and disorders, take the healthy and natural route. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

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