Can oil and good health be connected? If you say “No way!!!” then you must understand olive oil is an exception. This olive with its rich MUFA is a recommended every day diet. The Monounsaturated fatty acids of olive oil do countless benefits to your health. It prevents heart diseases in both men and women. This olive oil cholesterol, for a change makes you slim. It also increases your immune level to keep you stronger.

There are ideally two types of unsaturated fats present in this oil. One is MUFA (Monounsaturated fatty acid) and the other one is PUFA (poly unsaturated fatty acids). Both the fatty acids are health friendly. However you have to consume them in very less quantity. Combining these fatty acids with your daily diet reduces unwanted cholesterol build up in body.

Heart Friendly Cholesterol

The olive oil cholesterol is heart friendly cholesterol. It increases the elasticity of your arteries. This increase in elasticity reduces artery blocks. Further, the MUFA of olive oil reduces chances of sudden heart stroke in men and women. If heart disease is hereditary, consumption of olive oil reduces the risk of heart attacks in your family.

Studies have found that intake of good fatty acids reduces cholesterol pile up. Instead they increase RBC count in women and men. Hence, anaemia can be quickly got rid of. Extra virgin olive oil increases good cholesterol in your body.

For Type 2 Diabetics

For the patients of type 2 diabetics, olive oil is a heavenly natural remedy. The olive oil MUFA increases insulin level in your body. This prevents increased blood sugar level in both men and women. It tremendously controls blood sugar level in diabetic patients. Thus type 2 diabetics can be kept under control with olive oil consumption.

Other Benefits

The good cholesterol present in olive oil avoids friction of inner body organs caused due to less body fluid level. Including them in your breakfast reduces your increased appetite to eat food often. It keeps your skin moisture-filled and smooth. Extra virgin olive oil increases nutrition supply to all your body organs.

The good fat of olive oil repairs hair cuticle damages. It protects hair from UV damages that causes hair cuticle repair and chronic hair fall. The olive oil cholesterol creates a stronger outer shield against your hair cuticles. This shield prevents UV rays from damaging them and stripping their essential nutrients.

Be Aware

Just because olive oil cholesterol is healthy, it cannot be consumed more than recommended quantity. Just 2-4 spoons a day will be more than enough for all. Increased consumption may turn against your well being. Combining olive oil with unhealthy foods like fried foods and butter is not recommended. Try to add olive oil only to salads and baked food. This keeps your entire system young and healthy.

Hence the good olive oil cholesterol is ideal for reducing bad HDL in your body. It is also recommended for a healthy human circulatory system. But ensure you use refined olive oil for every day consumption.

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