Cooking with olive oil adds countless positive attributes towards your health. Olive oil can be beneficial to your health in many ways. It is recommended that you use at least two spoons of it every day. Olive oil does good to all irrespective of their age and gender. Consuming olive oil strengthens your immune system. It also fights against deadly diseases like cardio vascular diseases.

Ideal Health Benefits

Here are some ideal olive oil benefits that your can enjoy if you consume it daily:

  • It prevents unwanted fat build-up in arteries
  • Daily usage can prevent against Alzheimer’s disease in older people
  • Sudden strokes can be prevented in men after their 30’s
  • It reduces the risk of prostate cancer in women
  • Keeps your skin young and radiant
  • A nutrient rich diet for a healthy hair

Not just the above said benefits but there are other countless benefits you can enjoy if you consume olive oil daily.

Heart Friendly Benefits

One of the notable olive oil benefits is its heart-friendly nature. The healthy MUFA present in this oil prevents your arteries. It increases the elasticity of your arteries. This way, blocks in arteries and fat build-up can be avoided. It keeps your body resistant to strokes and reduces bad cholesterol level in heart. It also reduces the chances of coronary heart diseases in women.

A Good Diet Regimen

Include fresh vegetable salads with olive oil and make it your daily breakfast. This makes an excellent diet food for people looking for quick weight loss. Olive oil can reduce your temptation to eat food often. This way you can eat less and stay way from those extra pounds.

Eat Good for a Radiant Skin

Cooking with olive oil actually keeps your skin young and really lustrous. It relieves you from acne problems. It also reduces scars and skin discolouration. The anti-oxidants present in olive oil regenerates skin. It also renews skin cells to boost newer skin cell development. This way you can look younger than your actual age.

Cooking with olive oil benefits in reducing sun burns. It helps skin retain moisture for a longer while. This way, sun burns and its pain can be treated better. Olive oil in your daily food keeps your lips supple and smooth.

Great Cure to Breast Cancer

If you are getting treated for breast cancer, then immediately shift to olive oil. Cook your every day meal only with olive oil as it contains phytochemicals. Many studies have revealed that this chemical is ideal in killing breast cancer cells. Additionally it can also suppress cancer genes. This way you can even prevent breast cancer occurrence.

Things to Consider 

While cooking with olive oil, make sure you don’t fry the food. Deep frying can also take away good fats from the oil. Consuming any dish made of deep fried olive oil is actually of no use.

Also do not include olive oil with red meat and cheese. This combination actually increases fat accumulation in your body instead of slimming it down. Keep these things in mind and enjoy the countless olive oil benefits.

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