Olive oil is considered a great source of natural remedy for aliments ever since ancient days. It has been used widely by all civilizations even 6000 thousand years ago. When it comes to Olive oil benefits it was used in curing diseases from a person’s scalp to toe then. The oil offers permanent and consistent recovery from all stages of the infestation. This explains the reason behind the oil is popularly known as “liquid gold”.

Cure for All Ailments

When it comes to medical cures, there are countless olive oil benefits.

The usage of olive oil for diseases cure is a traditional method. Few notable ones that made it popular even in ancient times include:

  • cure from cancerous diseases
  • skin darkening and hyper pigmentation
  • removing impurities from blood
  • cure from fluctuation of blood sugar level
  • increase in WBC count in your body
  • skin cleanser
  • cure from dry and itchy skin syndrome
  • cure from skin ailments like itching, psoriasis etc.

Not just the above said benefits but there are several other olive oil benefits involved in curing a disease.

Inclusion in the Mediterranean Diet 

Olive oil is an important inclusion in the Mediterranean diet since older ages. They are used in their daily cooking to offer cure from serious heart ailments in women and men. The MUFAs in olive oil tend to reduces blood cholesterol level. They also expand your arteries to prevent blood clots. Avoiding early heart strokes is a key olive oil benefit in both men and women.

Virgin Olive Drinking Tradition

Many farmers who worked in olive oil farms used to drink raw olive oils. They believed it will prevent them from disturbing bowel movements. They also wanted to get rid of sun burns and skin inflammation. So they used to drink olive oil early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Olive oil application on skin amidst Olympic athletes was a customary practice in ancient Greek Olympics. It is believed that it will quickly relieve them from sports injuries. They believed that the athletes can also stay active for a longer span of time with olive oil.

Types of Olive Oils Used 

In earlier days, only virgin olive oils were used for treating people. Fresh olive oil extracted from fruits was considered more powerful than pressed oil types. The olive oil taken from fruits was consumed within 14 days of manufacture. It is because people felt the climatic factors would affect their healing properties if the oil gets old.

It is only after when the Italians introduced olive oil to the Western world, the concept of refined olive oil came in to existence. In earlier stages refined olive oil was considered as an adulterated olive oil. People thought it had no medicinal value hence avoided using them.

Olive oil was also used to grow long and healthy hair. This oil was used in hair care products to boost hair growth. Even to treat premature hair fall and baldness it was used in ancient Rome. Olive oil ever since its evolution was a great source of natural medicine that was used by all.

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